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Muay Thai Schools Naples Florida

Muay Thai is considered the most complete striking style and used by most MMA fighters. We are a proud affiliate of Cosmo Alexandre, called "The Pride of Brazil" & "Brazil's Best Striker" by Gracie Magazine, Cosmo is a World Muay Thai Champion, a Professional MMA Fighter and the one of the few Non-Thais to win the Kings Cup in Thailand.

" ... it doesn’t get any better than a guy like Cosmo Alexandre. The term “world class” is always thrown around by different people but Cosmo really is world class. Just to have the opportunity to train with a guy like that is something that very few people have the opportunity to do." - UFC Fighter Kenny Florian

Muay Thai is a complete style of Kickboxing that includes kicks, punches, knees, elbows and even takedowns; it provides recreational Beginners with an incredible full-body workout and Fighters with all of the tools they need for a well-rounded stand-up game. The Muay Thai style of Kickboxing is the choice for MMA Champions because it is effective and blends seamlessly with Grappling Arts such as Jiu-jitsu and Wrestling.